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Attractive salary

Right to tip, commission and bonus.

Working environment

Aesthetic salons, medical-aesthetic clinics, dermatology centers, medical spas, aesthetic medicine practices or your own business.

Job prospects

Full-time, part-time, percentage, self-employed, offer your services at home or in other institutes.

High Investment Rate

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Job type

Part-time work




Business owner

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Skills required

A solid understanding of anatomy, physiology and biology is essential for understanding the body’s needs and reactions to aesthetic treatments.

edical aesthetics involves the use of various devices and techniques to carry out treatments. Precise and safe technical skills are therefore required to perform procedures such as injections, lasers, chemical peels, etc.

Medical aesthetics aims to improve patients’ appearance. An artistic sense enables us to understand the harmony of facial and body features, so that we can propose treatments that naturally and aesthetically improve the patient’s appearance.

Good communication with patients is essential to understanding their expectations, concerns and aesthetic goals. Active listening helps establish a relationship of trust with the patient.

Some patients may be anxious or preoccupied with their appearance. It’s important to show sensitivity and empathy, while providing clear information on procedures and expected results.

Medical aesthetics entail potential risks. It is therefore crucial to understand these risks and implement measures to minimize them.

The field of medical aesthetics is constantly evolving. So it’s important to keep up to date with the latest technologies, techniques and practices through ongoing training.

Compliance with ethical and deontological standards is essential in the field of medical aesthetics, particularly with regard to patient information, confidentiality and respect for patient autonomy.


Beauty salon

Medical & Aesthetic Clinics

Medical Spas

Dermatology Center

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Professionals in the medical-aesthetic field can work in a variety of environments, including medical spas, doctors’ offices, aesthetic salons, clinics, medical-aesthetic clinics and dermatology centers. So there are several possibilities for career advancement.

Generally speaking, if you don’t have any basic training in aesthetics or health, it’s a good idea to start out in aesthetic salons, clinics or spas and get your professional insurance.

For those who already have experience in health and aesthetics, you can easily apply to aesthetic medicine practices, clinics or specialized medical centers to work in collaboration with doctors, nurses and dermatologists. For entrepreneurs, we can help you get started!

An industry in growth and demand!

Medical aesthetic care and advanced aesthetics are among the fastest-growing fields in the world today. This makes it very easy for our students to find jobs with attractive salaries and flexible working hours.

Private training VS DEP?

Institutions recognized by the Ministry of Education offer little training in injections and/or medical-aesthetic technologies, which is why our role is so important: to help professionals keep up to date with the latest techniques in their field, in order to offer effective, safe and rapid results by following the latest advances in equipment and techniques, while respecting current standards.

Our graduates tend to focus more on medical conditions that lead to aesthetic problems. Acne, hair reduction, fat loss, skin tightening, cellulite, rosacea, body contouring, wrinkles, pigmentation spots caused by excessive sun exposure, are examples of concerns for our graduates. They are trained to assess the customer and advise care aimed at improving the root cause of their concerns.

Coaching & Entrepreneurship

We understand the importance of providing our nurses and nursing assistants with the resources they need to practice legally and safely. That’s why we’ve set up a coaching program. This program enables healthcare professionals to join our team, giving them the opportunity to inject legally on our premises.

Employment opportunities

Once you’ve completed your training, we have a hiring partner in the workplace. We want to support our students at all times, even after graduation. This service bridges the gap between you and medical-aesthetic clinics across Canada. PPlease note that this is not a guaranteed placement if our partners are fully booked, but an extra help for our students.

You also have access to our community (alumni, teachers, nurses, business partners, etc.) to help you get started in your professional career.

Our support process

We would like to inform you about our support process for your integration into the job market. When you complete your training, we offer an additional service to help you find professional opportunities.

During the final interview, we gather detailed information about your profile, skills and job preferences. We then take this information and pass it on to our partners in the aesthetic industry.

Our partners are renowned establishments such as spas, beauty clinics, aesthetic centers and other companies in the sector. Please send us your CV so that we can send your information to our partners.

We’re always on the lookout for new partners and will send you their job offers. Stay tuned to our social networks. You can also become a partner when you open your own business 🙂

Facilitating your work placement

It is important to note that while we strive to facilitate your job placement, we cannot guarantee employment. The final hiring decision will depend on the specific criteria and needs of each establishment. However, we do our best to introduce you to a wide range of professional opportunities.

Different Avenues

You have a variety of places to work. Whether in high-end spas, specialized beauty clinics or renowned esthetic centers, you’ll have the opportunity to explore different avenues and choose the one that best suits your career aspirations.

We firmly believe that our training prepares you thoroughly for success in the job market. Our comprehensive courses and hands-on training give you the skills and knowledge you need to excel in your career.