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Our mission!

Turn your passion into a profession with our condensed study programs. We are committed to providing you with quality training from qualified teachers who are well-versed in the field, whether in medical aesthetics, advanced aesthetics or injections. Our specialized training courses are concise and specific, enabling you to start your professional career quickly by teaching you the latest aesthetic innovations, allowing you to be more flexible and adapt to your schedule while benefiting from small group classes.

Our goals

Your success is our priority!

At our School of Advanced Aesthetics and Medical Aesthetics, our goal is to provide you with exceptional training that opens the door to a rewarding career in the field of aesthetics and beauty. We’re committed to providing you with the latest knowledge and practical skills you need to excel in this constantly evolving field. Our mission is to accompany you every step of the way, providing you with a stimulating learning environment and quality resources, while offering personalized support to help you achieve your professional goals. With our school, you’ll benefit from an enriching educational experience that will prepare you for success in the advanced and medical aesthetics industry.

A successful career guaranteed*!

Our job placement program opens the door to many exciting career opportunities. We work with a network of companies ready to hire our talented students. What’s more, we offer invaluable support to those wishing to start their own business

Join us for exceptional career opportunities and start your future today.

Main training courses:

Advanced Aesthetics Master

(Prerequisite: High school diploma, tdg, work experience)


(Prerequisite: Valid nursing or nursing assistant license)


(Prerequisite: Valid nursing or nursing assistant license)

Master of Medical Aesthetics

(Prerequisite: Valid nursing or nursing assistant license)


Why choose a private school?

Choosing a private school for advanced aesthetics and medical aesthetics guarantees you in-depth, specialized training in state-of-the-art techniques.

With flexible hours, personalized support and access to cutting-edge technology, our school offers you the ideal environment to develop your skills and succeed in the beauty industry.

What’s more, our professional network and comprehensive programs prepare you for a thriving career in the beauty and wellness industry.

The advantages of studying at our school

The courses offered are designed to enable students to acquire in-depth knowledge in the fields of medical aesthetics. The teaching staff are seasoned professionals qualified in their field, bringing practical experience to complement the theoretical lessons.

Programs are designed to be flexible and can be adapted to suit students’ schedules. Each of our theoretical parts is 100% online, from home or anywhere in the world, and there are no obligations on your schedule, which means the training can be taken at your own pace, according to your schedule. We also book practices according to your availability, so you can choose the dates that suit you best.

We also offer ongoing training for our professionals. Industry professionals can sign up for other training courses, partner with each other to open a clinic or spa, and you’ll have lifetime access to our training, which is continually being improved in line with the latest technological innovations. We also work with Epiderma, Médicart and Clinique Belyve to help you find employment.

The emphasis is on practical skills, with in-clinic training to familiarize students with equipment and techniques. Students also have the opportunity to gain practical experience by working with real customers of the school.

The professional school of advanced and specialized aesthetics offers exceptional services for students. Students also have access to online resources to support their learning outside the classroom, as well as access to our partners to propel your business forward quickly. You’ll also receive a lifetime discount on our products and ranges, as well as on our body contouring, microneedling and multi-function hydrofacial devices with integrated skin analysis that you’ll learn about during the training.
All in all, enrolling in our school is an excellent choice for people looking to pursue a career. With its advanced training programs, qualified teachers, state-of-the-art equipment and exceptional services, this school offers quality training that prepares students for success in the industry.

Why our school?

You'll enjoy the following benefits:


Academic excellence

Our program is based on industry best practices and is constantly updated to reflect the latest advances.


Clinical Practice

We firmly believe in the importance of hands-on practice under the supervision of our experienced instructors, with real-life clinical experience.


Top-notch faculty

Our instructors are recognized experts with extensive clinical experience. They are dedicated to helping our students excel and achieve their professional goals.

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Coaching program

For graduating nursing and nursing assistant students who want to develop their injection skills and work independently.

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Equipment suppliers

We are suppliers of medical-aesthetic devices and essential products and offer the best prices for our students.

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Supporting success

We are committed to providing ongoing support to our students, both during their training and after graduation.

A golden opportunity, places limited

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity to join our highly reputed school and position yourself as a professional in medical/advanced aesthetics and injectables.

Register now to guarantee your place and start your journey towards an exciting and rewarding career.


Our training courses will give you the skills and knowledge you need to develop confidence in yourself and your abilities, while standing out in the highly competitive marketplace.


We put our services and expertise at your disposal to support you in your professional development. Whether it's investment opportunities, career advice or resources to help you develop your skills, we'll be there to help you achieve your goals.


We'd also like to remind you that we'll always be here to help and support you in your future career. As a full-service provider, we put our expertise at your disposal in the fields of insurance, continuing education, business equipment, business start-ups and rental of premises and equipment.

We support you!

Our services


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Hiring partners

We are proud to be partnered with several companies and franchises ready to hire our students to propel your professional career! We make it easy for you to bridge the gap between training and a successful career!

*Please note that this is not a 100% guaranteed placement and that there may be a delay in getting an interview. We do, however, give you some tips on how to create your CV to help you find a job.

Do you own a business in the medical-aesthetics field and are looking for qualified workers? Write to us at

Space rental partner

We understand the importance of having a professional, well-equipped space for your learning. Thanks to our partnership, we are able to provide you with specially equipped premises to meet your specific training needs. These spaces are designed to recreate an authentic working environment, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the equipment, tools and procedures commonly used in the esthetics industry.

Whether you live on the North Shore, the South Shore or in Montreal, our partnership enables us to offer you convenient and accessible location options. You’ll be able to choose the location that best suits your home and personal preferences.

We are convinced that these high-quality facilities will enhance your training experience and prepare you optimally for your future career in advanced aesthetics. They offer a professional, learning-friendly environment, allowing you to concentrate fully on your studies and develop your practical skills.

We invite you to find out more about the different locations of our rental partners and choose the one that best suits your needs. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions or require additional information on the rental options available.

Accreditation & Insurance

. They offer specialized expertise, comprehensive coverage, risk management and peace of mind. By working with specialist insurers, you’ll benefit from adequate protection for your aesthetic business, so you can concentrate on your job with complete confidence.

Having professional esthetics insurance offers a number of advantages, not least of which is the credibility it brings in the eyes of employers. Here are just a few reasons why professional insurance strengthens your credibility:

As an esthetics professional, you are likely to interact directly with customers and provide services that may involve risk. Professional insurance shows that you take your responsibilities seriously, and that you’re prepared to deal with any consequences that may arise from your activity.

Taking out professional insurance shows that you’re committed to practicing your trade with professionalism and adhering to industry standards. This demonstrates your commitment to the safety and well-being of your customers, as well as your willingness to comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

In the event of an accident, professional error or dispute with a customer, professional insurance protects you financially. This protection reassures employers, because they know you have adequate coverage to deal with any claims or lawsuits. It shows you’re a reliable and responsible professional, ready to take on the responsibilities that come with your job.

Customers are increasingly aware of the importance of working with insured professionals. When choosing an aesthetic service provider, they are more inclined to trust those with professional insurance. This reassures them of their safety and guarantees a certain peace of mind.

Professional insurance

We guarantee professional insurance coverage for all our treatments taught in our training courses with our insurance and brokerage partners Agence-Unie.

*See our requirements and prerequisites in a telephone meeting with our admissions coordinators.