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Professionnal School of
Advanced & Specialized Aesthetics

We’re proud to be recognized as the best school of medical aesthetics, advanced aesthetics and injectables in Quebec. With a solid reputation and positive reviews, we’re the preferred choice for estheticians, massage therapists, nurses & assistants and those aspiring to a new aesthetic career.

Recognized Training, Expertise
& Professional Success

About us

Our private school represents the evolution of aesthetics, adapted to new trends and the contemporary era. Located in the heart of Montreal, our renowned school offers a variety of training programs to help our students acquire the skills they need to succeed in the ever-changing aesthetic beauty industry. Whether it’s investment opportunities, career advice or resources to help you develop your skills, we’ll be there to help you achieve your goals.

Why our school?

Our mission, our accreditations
and insurance partner

We are the#1 top-ratedprivate school in Quebec, recognized for our training programs in advanced, specialized and medical esthetics. Our school stands out for its comprehensive programs, accredited by a national organization that enjoys nationwide recognition.
We adhere to the standards of theAssociation of Medical and Surgical Spas of Canada for an education designed to propel you quickly into the job market.

We’ve partnered with the Agence-Unie insurance agency, which means you won’t have to worry about your medical-aesthetic professional insurance.

We’re committed to providing you with recognized quality training from qualified teachers with extensive experience in the field.

Without a doubt, the École professionnelle d’esthétique avancée is the training center of choice for a prestigious and promising career.

The advantages of studying with us

The emphasis is on practical skills, with in-clinic training to familiarize students with state-of-the-art equipment and techniques. Students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience by practicing with the school’s model clients .

Comprehensive quality training - Maximize your income

Our courses are designed to provide students with in-depth expertise, both theoretical and practical, focusing on sales techniques, safety and professional ethics. Our training courses are COMPREHENSIVE, covering a wide range of skills, from the basics to advanced techniques, which means that ALL LEVELS ARE INCLUDED, simplifying your learning process.

Flexible and adapted to your schedule - Online and in-person

The programs are designed to be flexible and can be adapted to students' schedules. Each of our theoretical parts are 100% online from home or anywhere in the world. There's no obligation on your part, which means you can follow the course at your own pace. You can choose the dates that suit you best for your internship.

Continuing education & partner in labor market integration

Our students can enroll in other training courses and join our community in opening clinics or salons. You have lifetime access to our training in the latest technological innovations and the new era of advanced or medical aesthetics. We partner with employers ready to hire our graduates to help you find employment. with our career center. Please note that this is not a guaranteed placement, and we are not responsible for the hiring capacity of our partners.

Recognized by our insurance partners

Compliant with the standards of the Association of Medical Spas and Surgeons of Canada, our educational program is designed to integrate you quickly into the workforce and CAMACS. In partnership with the Agence-Unie insurance agency, we provide comprehensive coverage for your professional insurance needs in the field of medical esthetics. We are committed to providing quality training, delivered by qualified and experienced teachers in the field. N.B.: For those with no background in esthetics or nursing before taking one of our programs, our insurers' requirements call for one to two years' experience* before you can practice photo-depilation and photo-rejuvenation on your own, so we recommend our advanced esthetics training to get started in this wonderful field.

Job prospects after certification?

Knowing that medical/advanced aesthetics is one of the fastest-growing fields in the world, our placement rate is among the highest in education. You’ll work in environments such as medical or wellness spas, beauty salons, medical-aesthetic clinics or dermatology centers. If you already have a nursing or health degree, you can also work in plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and medical-aesthetic clinics. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, you can also open your own business or become self-employed.

Aesthetics of the Modern Era

Aesthetic Innovation

With us, aesthetics keep pace with the modern age. We invest in the latest technological advances to guarantee our students total immersion in the latest trends. Our constant commitment to innovation ensures that our students remain at the cutting edge of the beauty industry, ready to face an ever-changing market.

Benefits of our training courses:

Our program is based on best practices (from basic to advanced) and is constantly updated to reflect the latest advances in medical and specialized aesthetics.

We firmly believe in the importance of hands-on experience, and offer many opportunities for students to practice their skills under the supervision of our experienced instructors.

Our instructors are recognized experts in the field of medical/advanced aesthetics and have extensive clinical experience. They are dedicated to helping our students excel and achieve their professional goals.

As a student at our school, you’ll have access to a network of professionals and opportunities for internships and employment in Quebec’s top clinics.

We are committed to providing ongoing support to our students, both during their training and after graduation. We want to see you succeed and prosper in your career.

Become a model

Receive professional treatments by our qualified students and beauticians at a fraction of the cost.

Treatments offered:

Perfection & Training in Injectables

We are the only school in the world to offer our complementary coaching training program. Specially designed for students graduating from an injection training program who wish to develop their skills and start practicing independently, while respecting current legislation and being remunerated.

Benefits of Coaching :

Our program offers the flexibility to adapt to your needs.

You have the opportunity to earn income: you’ll receive a commission for each customer you handle independently.

Our program includes constant medical supervision to guarantee all injection procedures.

We provide you with all the necessary equipment.

You’ll have access to a dedicated workspace for your consultations and procedures.

You will receive the necessary medical prescriptions for treatment.

Our program offers support for launching your own practice: website, logo, business development and more…

You’ll have access to individual coaching sessions and private MasterClasses to perfect your injection skills.

Work independently and build your own portfolio.

Study here for a successful career

More than 1,500 students graduate


Theoretical courses to prepare you for practical training.


Practice maximizing clinical experience with our models.

À la carte

We offer specialized courses by the unit *requirement.


Opportunity for advancement and help with your launch.


A real springboard to employment with our career center and partners

Interest-free financing available

Did you know that we offer different monthly plans depending on your situation? No credit check, no interest. Approval Warranty

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